Macmillan Reader Princess Diana Beginner Anne Collins

ISBN: 9780230731165

Published: February 9th 2009


120 pages


Macmillan Reader Princess Diana Beginner  by  Anne Collins

Macmillan Reader Princess Diana Beginner by Anne Collins
February 9th 2009 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 120 pages | ISBN: 9780230731165 | 5.29 Mb

Princess Diana****The Princesse Diana’s story wrote by Anne Collins. This story has lot of chapter and it was began with the famous british woman Diana Spencer her parent name’s Johnnie Spencer and Frances Roche. She was born in 1 july 1961 in Park house Diana had three sisters: Sarah, Jane, and Charles. she had also one brother, John, who died 10 hour after born. But there problems in the marriage . Diana’s mother and father divorced in april 1969.Diana was beautiful young girl, sweet , shy and famous .she was a modern princess and a loving mother.

she wanted to help people ,she was very good at talking to people and she is most popular woman inthe word, but her life was not always happy .She like dog, cat and rabbit. She enjoyed swimming, playing tennis, and going for picnics on the beach. She didnt like meeting lots of new people.she was very shy.The Price Charles born on the 14th November 1948 at Buckingham Palace.he had king after his father. Charles enjoyed horse riding,and he loved playing polo game for people riding on horses.He also liked hunting and shooting animals,for example bird and deer, with a gun.Charles liked tall,blonde woman.hes liked reading books written by his friend .The king has the one girl friend Camilia .one day hes invited Sarah Spencer to Balmoral,the royal’s family’s Scottish home.That November,Sarah invited Prince Charles to Althorp for the weekend.

Diana is there too.On the 14th of the November 1978 the prince had dance for in his birthday . Two years later Charles asked Diana to marry with him .Diana and Charles were married on the 29th of July 1981, its was a perfect , romantic wedding .Diana was in love with her husband and she was very happy .Later after 5 moths they went on holiday to Balmoral ,in Scotland .she did not feel well she was pregnant with her first baby .on 21st of June 1982 They had first son Prince William ,was born.two year later they had second boy on 15th of September 1984 the baby born, his name Prince Henry.Dina and Charles had visited many places and the world .the newspapers were still very interested in Diana , they loved writing about DianaS clothes and Hair...Charles was very jealousDiana was the wife of Price Charles and the mother of Prices William and Harry, she was a very important person.but she has many problem with her husband .Charles left jealous of his a difficult time for their marriage.Diana was very sad and felt very alone.on1992was a very bad year for the Royal Family Charles and Diana decided to separate.but she didnt want divorce because she loved Charles.on the 28th of August 1996,they were divorced.

After she was very busy all the time she wanted to help people ...and there was a new man in Dianas live Hasnat Khan was from Pakistan religion was Islam and he was doctors .Diana was very much in love with him.she wanted to marry Khan ,but the most important thing in Hasnat KhanS life was his work. He wanted to be a good Doctors they s relationship finished .Diana met anther man Dodi AL Fayedwas very rich from Egypt .on the 30th of August Dina and Dadi went to Paris where on the morning of the 31th of August 1997 at 4 am Diana and Dadi died by cars accident .

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