Hunted (Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Romance) Brandy Corvin


Published: February 8th 2013



Hunted (Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Romance)  by  Brandy Corvin

Hunted (Paranormal Werewolf Erotic Romance) by Brandy Corvin
February 8th 2013 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | | ISBN: | 9.12 Mb

Marias a lone girl in an unfamiliar city, just barely two weeks into the freshmen college term. But already, shes been pressured to get drunk at loud parties and has made more frenemies than actual friends. Things come to a head when the stalker shes been trying to ignore since the start finally hunts her down, cornering her on her way home with nothing but ill will in his eyes...Andres the alpha male of a secret werewolf pack that calls the city their home. On this night, in the midst of a routine hunt, as Andre prowls the rooftops of the city, fate gives him the chance to save the girl of his dreams...

he just doesnt know it yet![WARNING: This 5600 word erotic experience contains paranormal transformation, werewolves in human form, an alpha male, loads of foreplay, passionate sex, and more! Age is just a number, but sadly, its also adults only.]Short Excerpt:Andre, huh? Maria repeated after him, letting the e roll off the tip of her tongue. For the first time since she moved here, she thought she finally found someone she could trust, especially when she was privy to such an unbelievable secret of his.Yeah, Andre.Andre… Her voice trailed off.

I could get used to saying it.Yeah, Maria?Marias eyes widened in surprise. Is he stalking me too? Of all people that are being creepy, it had to be him as well!H-how do you know my name?Its not what you think! Andre said hurriedly, sensing that her defenses were up. I have good hearing as a wolf. And your attacker kept calling you by that name, so…Oh. Maria sighed in relief. Thank god.So um, Maria. This may seem too sudden, but, um, do you wanna go somewhere with me?W-where? He had saved her life and she was instantly smitten.

But she wasnt about to let her guard down so quickly just yet.A place of this city so breathtakingly beautiful you just wont regret it.Um… Marias voice trailed off apprehensively. She had more than enough on her plate today and really just wanted to go home and get this day over and done with. But deep down inside, she also knew that a chance encounter like this only happened once in her lifetime.Cmon Maria. I promise you wont regret it.Just going home now was honestly no fun, not when she still hadnt made any memories worth remembering yet.

And besides, the hint of adventure was too hard to resist around Andre.H-how are we going to get there? Maria asked at last, though she had a feeling she knew the answer.I would suggest that we walk, but seeing as its in the dead of the night where no one will probably see, do you fancy a ride on a werewolf as strong and as agile as me?Maria could help but get excited. She smiled at the prospect. The werewolf had just saved her after all and promised her everything that any other guy simply couldnt achieve.I can take you home if you want and make sure you get there safe.

You can then rest your tired self and wake up the next morning, thinking that everything that just happened was all a dream. Or you can come with me, to a place with no regrets, where youll wake up tomorrow glad that it happened.Maria simply couldnt say no.What the hell. She shrugged. Whatever she chose, she definitely wasnt going to risk any further attacks going home the same way again. Just make sure I dont fall off, okay?Yeah. Andre smiled.

Just make sure you hold on tight!

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