Stories from Lone Moon Creek Teresa Millias


Published: January 22nd 2015

Kindle Edition

402 pages


Stories from Lone Moon Creek  by  Teresa Millias

Stories from Lone Moon Creek by Teresa Millias
January 22nd 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 402 pages | ISBN: | 3.12 Mb

Who are the people of rural America? Are they the forgotten breed? Will they ever matter again?Lone Moon Creek brings twenty-three stories of hearth and home, with characters from all cultures and races. Some lead tragic, yet beautiful lives- some lead others astray. Some fight internal battles, only to be saved by unusual circumstances and beliefs.

Through insights offered in a literary, conversational style, these stories offer profound messages to the open-hearted.How can an abducted woman, held against her will, find comfort and God in a foreign land? Can an aging nun find her own solace and accept the lie she’s hidden from God, after helping so many others? How does a simple seamstress live a life of truth with trouble brewing all around her? And how can wayward young people be influenced by elders in these troubling times? These stories and their people show a way through darkness to the peace only found in the light.Through each life, no matter how troubled, the spirit curls and winds, revealing a way to truth, to morals, to greater understanding of purpose.

In-depth characters help one-another to discover new steps through life. But overall, the hand of is God working, in His mysterious ways.Agnes and Marjory will lead you into each chapter, so meander through Lone Moon Creek and acquaint yourself with some of the folks.

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