The Wheel of Life : A Memoir of Living and Dying Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


Published: June 9th 1997


286 pages


The Wheel of Life : A Memoir of Living and Dying  by  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The Wheel of Life : A Memoir of Living and Dying by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
June 9th 1997 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 286 pages | ISBN: | 6.11 Mb

oh dear! This autobiography-memoir of a Swiss doctor and researcher into the process of dying started out mildly interesting as Ms. Kubler grows up, became fascinating in the middle chapters as Dr. Rosss medical career finds its focus, occasionally took a turn towards the truly inspiring and profound, as one would expect from someone who works with and shows great compassion for dying persons of all ages and social situations.....(by this point I have started to recommend it to friends, and marvel at her stamina, determination, and the energy she is able to find to continually be of service to people who are having a difficult time in life....even though there are occasionally disturbing hints that she is rather full of herself).

Then toward the middle, the book took an odd turn - it was rather shocking and didnt fit the tone of what came before, but I thought well, ok if that one thing happened to her, Ill swallow that and move on even though I dont believe it. Then another odd passage came along, and by page 260 the author had completely and totally gone off the deep end! (At this point I am actually embarrassed to be seen reading this book on the train!

) At the point that she starts to have these supernatural experiences which get more and more unbelievable until I am left feeling sorry for her husband Manny and understand why he eventually had no choice other than to divorce her. Eventually losing any capacity for skepticism, she starts seeing fairies in pictures, moving tables, attending seances where a naked man in a turbin is channeling spirits and then claiming to find these spirit in her bed with her!

It was all so weird and unexpected when the book shifted gears into this bizarre supernatural mode.....I thought it would take another radical turn back to reality..... I kept expecting her to realize at some point that she had been duped by the channelers in Escondido, but that doesnt seem to be forthcoming, and my patience as a reader to be fed one strange tale after another has run thin.

I just cannot finish this book. Sadly, the latter part of the book makes it hard to accept this writer as a credible source of information on anything. That is a pity, because there are probably many truths and valuable insights that she found out during the earlier years of her career (pre-fairy). I am left with the impression of a tough, stubborn doctor with a big heart and a great intellectual curiosity who did brave, interesting, and valuable work until she herself somehow lost her grip on reality.It would be interesting to know what later (non-fairy-seeing) researchers who continued working in the field she pioneered have found out since then, to check how much of her scientific work is accepted today.

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